Random ramblings of an escape artist.

Magicians need not fear reality...

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I'm KageSakura, I have way too many site accounts...but only one other LJ. It wasn't working right so I opened this one.

The tapestry is never ending
Made from the stories I weave
Of things that are
Of things that could be
I am an artist of fantasies
A weaver of dreams

Quotes of Life

Mario *throws something at my head*
Me- Hey! Cut it out!
Mario- It's the only way to get your attention. After saying "Suzette" five times I got tired.
Me- There are easier ways to get my attention. Like, if you say "chocolate cake" I would
definitely turn around.....*ponders*...but then I would hate you because you tricked me!

Quick Bio

I'm 22, a pint sized female, half Puerto Rican and Dominican, though I consider myself Puerto Rican because I was born there. I'm also of gypsy descent.
As for my hobbies, like to write a lot, and read and draw. I have a passion for science and medicine. I'm a biology major, and I can't wait to graduate college. I've liked anime since I was 14 years old, and I've been teaching myself Japanese since then, because one day I'm going to go to Tokyo. It's not just Japanese either, I am trying to learn as many languages as I can, because I want to travel the world some day. What else, hmm? I'm amazed by any type of technology and I've always been some what of a computer techie. I also think the internet is one of the best inventions since icecream...yep.

My other stuff

My AMVs- Mostly Fullmetal Alchemist and Kingdom Hearts-http://www.youtube.com/user/KageSakura#play/uploads/5/WJj7t9wSguc

My DeviantArt-http://kagesakura.deviantart.com/

My fanfiction account- (Mostly Fullmetal Alchemist)-http://www.fanfiction.net/u/773282/KageSakura

My poetry-http://www.fictionpress.com/u/533710/KageSakura

My anime blog-

And My twitter-http://twitter.com/KageSakura

See? I have way too many site accounts.

Love and Peace,